The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster Book 6

The latest Number One Bestseller from Alastair J. Archibald!

At last, a battered, weary Grimm Afelnor has his ultimate goal in sight: Rendale Priory, the home of Prioress Lizaveta. Shown a secret entrance to the Priory, Grimm discovers betrayal and subjugation at the hands of an enemy he cannot harm.

Meanwhile, his remaining companions face a maddened horde of relentless undead warriors whose very touch is deadly. Forced to surrender in the face of the implacable mob, Grimm's friends are taken into the Priory as prisoners: however, a dread disease travels with them. 

Forced to face his own beliefs, prejudices and loyalties, Grimm finds his sense of purpose waning: however, the sight of a dying friend and a sick lover soon rejuvenates his Questor willpower.


10 out of 10 rating! -I just love it when I can find a book that lets me really escape into another world. Those books for me, as the cynical adult reader I have become, are rare treats indeed. Alastair J Archibald has achieved that for me with his latest book, The Dark Priory. I hold myself back from saying too much, so I do not give too much away to spoil it for anyone else. I will however say this. I strongly recommend that you get all of his books and read them in order. If however, this is the only book you get, you will not be disappointed as it can stand alone as well.- Nancy Louise, Novelspot