The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster Book 5

Another Number One Bestselling book from Alastair J. Archibald.

Leaving the Mansion complex in ruins behind them, Grimm and his allies press on towards Lizaveta's priory at Rendale. Guy Great Flame continues to irk Grimm, although the recent battle at the Pit has given him newfound respect for the hapless Necromancer Numal.

However, his problems with the Great Flame are soon forgotten as he and his companions find themselves marked for sacrifice and imprisoned in a fortress immune to even Questor magic. The fortress is in a town ruled by dream-people, worshippers of a sleeping dragon whose diet is living human blood. Grimm knows he will need to exert his imagination to the utmost if he is to have the least chance to avoid ending his life early as a drained husk.

Meanwhile, just in case the young Questor does discover a means to escape the steel prison in which he is immured, Lizaveta is busy training a new recruit: a human weapon of her own with which to beguile and vanquish the young Weapon of the Guild; a weapon even the mighty Dragonblaster cannot hope to resist.


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