The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster Book 4

"Truth and Deception" has also been a Number One Bestseller at Whiskey Creek Press.

Prioress Lizaveta's pernicious attentions have turned to Lord Dominie Horin himself, in a fresh attempt to destroy the hated Guild.

Grimm, in the less-than-helpful company of Guy Great Flame and Necromancer Numal, foils her plan, and a grateful Dominie elevates Grimm to the coveted Seventh Rank. 

However, the wily Horin has plans for the newly-promoted Questor: now, the youth can lead a Quest to destroy Lizaveta's powerful, witch-ruled order: and only the two unhelpful mages who already know about the Prioress's attempted seduction of the Dominie may join him.

This early difficulty is compounded when Lord Thorn, the man Grimm trusts above almost all others, believes he now has the means to rid himself of his hated mother, Lizaveta herself. Grimm unknowingly finds himself in a mental struggle to retain his own will.

After Thorn's insidious encroachment on Grimm's mind is scotched by a mutiny at Arnor House, the oblivious Questor defeats a ruthless fight-master's plans for a spectacular battle of mages, only to face a horde of mentally-controlled fighters who just will not stop.

And the Quest has only just begun...


The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster are good stories.  Mr. Archibald has created a world that does not have to end with this quest.  His characters could contain onto new quests against new adversaries.  The background Mages are eresting enough to carry their own stories, too.

I have two more Grimm books to read, I will be lost once done.

Thank you, Mr. Archibald

Chris Speakman, Chris Chat Reviews