The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster Book 3

Grimm Afelnor and his companions, led by the misanthropic Questor Xylox, find themselves in Haven, an ancient metal fortress in the Shest Mountains run by practitioners of the ancient art of Technology. 

After generations without new blood,  even the mighty technocrats of Haven cannot stem the sapping effects of inbreeding on their lineage: thus the presence of the young and healthy Drexelica interests them greatly as.potential breeding stock

Of equal interest to the arch-technocrat ruler of Haaven, Armitage, is the presence of Grimm and Xylox. Through the subtle wiles of technological mind control, the two mages are forced to fight to the death. Although they are able to thwart Armitage's plans, their struggle has only just begun, as a resourceful, malicious and resentful underling makes his own move for supremacy.


It is my opinion; Questor is the set up book for the next grand adventures and surprises in the Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster series. It addresses the issue of what happened to technology, as well as setting up a power base for Grimm in what, I believe, is a future final battle. It plants the seeds of what might have happened to Grimm's grandfather and a new era for Mage Magic. Mr. Archibald still captures his reader's attention and smoothly blends magic and technology. Grimm and his friends, and foes, are not characters I'll soon forget.

Chris Speakman, ChrisChat Reviews