The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster Book 2

Despite the great improvement in his living standards since his days as a humble Charity Student, Mage Questor Grimm Afelnor cannot sit just back and enjoy his new-found comfort. Driven to redeem his sullied family name, the young mage feels frustrated at his inactivity and yearns for action. When the long-awaited call comes to undertake a mission to retrieve a powerful magical gem stolen by a renegade Baron, Grimm is overjoyed . That his first Quest is under the leadership of his friend and fellow Questor, Dalquist Rufior is better still.

However, as straightforward as the plan seems, all does not go to plan. First, Grimm is forced to kill a vengeful assailant after a bar-room altercation. Then, he and his companions discover that Baron Starmor is a demon in human form. Next, Grimm must face a flesh-eating monster in another dimension. Overestimating the effect of some potent herbs leaves him in their addictive grasp. Finally, the weakened young mage and his companions must face the murderous, ensorcelled populace of an entire town...


 "Author Alistair J. Archibald once again delivers the fascinating style and steady characterisations of A Mage in the Making. Readers will find themselves rapidly turning the pages as the plots and subplots race on, simultaneously turning back to reread favourite phrases and passages. Weapon of the Guild is a must-read and worthy of the keeper shelf. This reviewer can't wait for further installments in The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster series"

Annie, Euro-Reviews

"In reading fiction, we always look for someone we can relate to. It should not matter the age of the protagonist, but it should matter as to their humanity. Many a writer has, in these contemporary times, added flawed and damaged people with something decent about them so we do not become so repulsed by them, we can't stand to have them in our head.

Unlike television, a book actually gets into your brain. It is there that we develop the image, the texture, the taste, and even smells and flavors if we are given such. For such experiences do we crouch down into a favorite seat, shut out the world, and live among others. It is probably the closest thing we will have as humans of mind-to-mind connection. So the story has to be good, the character has to have enough goodness to allow us to live in their skin, and not leave us so sullied by it, we ourselves feel violated.

So I introduce to you Weapon of the Guild, book 2 of The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster, set to be a seven part series (or more?) by Mr. Archibald. O.K. I've finished Weapon of the Guild. Now where is book three?... Weapon of the Guild brings delightful characters and worthy friends for the journey and quest. How they survive and the cost, makes a riveting read as well as the cliffhanger that makes you hunger for book three.

Nancy Louise, Novelspot

At the Whiskey Creek Press site this is listed as "Readers' Choice #1 Bestseller." Want to know something…it deserves it.

"Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster" is another Whiskey Creek series I am thoroughly enjoying. There's adventure, intrigue, magic, friendship, discovery, danger, and just plain likeable characters...

Mr. Archibald builds Grimm's world through plausible secondary characters and settings. Some characters are background faces to make up the feel and rules of a town's setting. Others are characters of questionable history, the thief with a heart of gold or the dashing rogue or overlooked brain of an oafish-looking being. Which one is needed for the quest at hand?

In Weapon of the Guild we are left wondering if Grimm will survive his latest quest. I'm very happy I have book three on hand.


Without any doubts I state The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster series is a must read.


Chris Speakman, Chris Chat Reviews