Author, guitarist, singer and techno-geek

Alastair Archibald has been reading voraciously since the age of two. When seven years old, he won a local newspaper writing comptition for a short story entitled "My Magic Stick of Celery". "The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster" is his first creative writing outside school since then.

 In addition to book-related matters, Alastair is an accomplished semi-professional singer and guitarist, who spent eight years as the songwriter, lead guitarist and vocalist of the heavy-rock band, "The Uninvited". More recently, for three years he was the backing/lead vocalist and lead guitarist of a clubs'n'party band called "Indigo Nights". After 15 years, he is now back with Kirk Atfield, the former rhythm guitarist from "The Uninvited".,

Kirk and Alastair are working on breathing new life into their old songs, "Necronomicon", "Sons of Chronos", "Long Way to Fall", "Spectres of the Night", "Gambling Woman" and "Midnight at the Hellfire Club." In addition to this, he and Kirk are writing new and promising material for what they hope to be a new band called "Quaestor".

Alastair's favourite sports to watch are cricket, rugby and motor racing, and he enjoys playing pool, snooker and chess.

A qualified electronics engineer, he has been employed in quality assurance roles in manufacturing industries as diverse as aerospace/defence, vacuum cleaners, sound level meters and life safety equipment.